Okay…after spending more than 2 days trying to understand how to make a blog, customize it and modify it, i’m then giving it up!!

I salute the bloggers who have no IT background but could manage their blog nicely. Where did they learn about it? Oh..you..yes you.. please help me with that. Give a comment or advice on how i could improve the look of my blog, will you?

Semakin dicoba semakin pusing saya, maklumlah i know nothing about the technology used here and the terms used sounds very sophisticated.. so let’s just back to the main idea of blogging – writing. Yep, my friends telling me that blogging is about writing, the design and others will follow.

I like the idea that writing here is like talking to someone dear, a friend.. as i used to ‘talk’ to a book called Diary. But ofcourse, in my writings here i won’t start it with “Dear Diary..or hello diary..”.. that is just toooooo oldish LOL.

So, let me learn step by step yaaaaa