To be honest, i was not familiar with the term. Babymoon. It’s an alien term for me as i was only familiar with one moon, that is Honeymoon :p. I remember meeting this Babymoon thing when i was reading some articles in preparation of my son’s birth.

FYI, Babymoon is a trip for the parents to be. They have fun before the sleepless nights come in their way. LOL

A lot of mothers to be, discussing about this moon and i found out that even Prince William & Kate also have this moon before Prince George was born. So me and mr. suami were thinking of having this one, not to mention that he think he’s a Prince as well 😀

So, we decided to go to Bali for this Babymoon. Why Bali? It’s a lovely place, and you could never get wrong with Bali.

The first thing we did was to get the a reference letter from my obgyn to fly. This one was easy :). Then, i needed to hunt for the cheapest airfare ticket and hotel, this part was not too easy as we need to pay and it wasn’t a promo season. But well, I finally managed to book AirAsia with the cost of around 2mio and after reading some tips from the TripAdvisor, i decided to book the Seminyak Lagoon All Suites Hotel. From its review i concluded that it’s a small hotel, quite and the most important thing is it’s within our budget *blushing*


should be 7months..


AA ticket

The hotel was not placed in the so called public area, so it’s not very easy to reach but the directions given was clear enough that even our ‘taxi driver’ could easily found it. When we arrived there, i was quite surprised. The hotel is located in a housing area. The word ‘hotel’ was too much for it. But when we got into our room, it changed my mind because it really looks like a hotel.

Our room is on the first floor, with a direct access to the swimming pool. It’s like we have a private pool in the room. We both love it. And it’s true, it’s a quite hotel that i found myself sleep very well there.

2014-04-01 15.45.05

Direct access to the swimming pool. Nice!!

2014-04-01 15.54.06



I think he wanted to jump 😀


ooohh..it’s soooo relaxing



We went on April 1st and spent 3 days in Bali. So, when everyone’s around the world was celebrating the April mop, we decided to fly :). FYI, Bali was just celebrating the Nyepi Saka at the end of March. So when we arrived there i could say that the island was not crowded as usual. Most of rental places were still closed, that’s why we could not get a car on that day. But it was not a problem at all as we enjoyed riding motorcycle. With the big tummy hanging on me, i could say that it’s not very comfortable to move around. But since we were in Bali, i really wanted to enjoy every second of it.

Lucky us, my sister in law who happen to live in Bali, helped us to get a rental car. So the next days we could go to Pandawa beach, GWK and other places. We didn’t visit many places there as it was not our first time visiting Bali. We spent most of our time to eat, shop, walk at the beach, chit chat, meet my sister in law family and massage :D. Oh, how we love massage sooo muchoo. If you have the experience of being a preggo, there’s nothing more needed than body massage!


It’s his first time visiting this place LOL

2014-04-02 15.34.26

big tummy!!!


baby bump!!


shopping is also relaxing LOL


let’s eat again




my bodyguard @pandawa beach


abis rangkaian perayaan ngusir setan..forgot the name :p

In my humble opinion (IMHO), the Babymoon will be more fun if:

  • you are in your 2nd semester. No morning sickness and the tummy is not too heavy for you to carry. I wish my trip was 2 months earlier so i have more power to carry the tummy LOL
  • well-planned. So you could get a cheaper price for the airfare and the hotel, you could arrange the itinerary as well.
  • you could go to your most wanted destination. I personally wanted to visit Phuket, my husband as well. But when i checked the ticket, hmm, i could use the money to buy the baby box :p
  • you have no tight schedule. Just enjoy the time far from your busy hours.
  • your hotel is located in the quite place. The point of having this trip is for you to have a sacred, a silent moment so you can sleep well, enjoy the life and just relax.
  • you have enough budget to buy good food, to go to nice places, to have a great service 😉

So, Babymoon? why not! 🙂